When The World Went Inside is a beautifully written and humorous children's book talking to kids about the Covid-19 pandemic.


Local Lockdowns, Rule of Six and distancing yourself 2m from everyone not in your "bubble". Let's be honest, none of us would have understood this dialogue at the beginning of 2020. This comforting book is a great way to incorporate reassuring conversations into your everyday lives.


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The Covid-19 pandemic has altered our children's lives in a way we could never have seen coming. If it's hard enough for adults to understand, then it has the potential to be overwhelming for kids.


I was looking for a way to explain Coronavirus to my young children, and so I wrote this book for them. We've woven discussion of Covid-19 into our everyday lives, removed the fear and helped our children feel safe under the cloud of the virus.


My illustrated children's book helps kids to understand how the virus came about and why the world went inside in lockdown. The story offers hope, reassurance and practical advice on how to avoid catching the virus.


Teaching children why we need to take simple measures to protect ourselves is going to help them remember to do it when you're not there to watch them!!

When The World Went Inside is a gently written book that doesn't shy away from the difficult questions.


The book has three additional sections:

What Exactly is Covid19 

Information not specifically introduced in the story.

How to Stay Safe From Covid19

Practical advice.

Big Feelings in a Small Space

Acknowledging that this can be hard and offering suggestions on how to feel better.


Watch children's entertainer Damo's Music For Kids read When The World Went Inside!!! (please note that Damo is reading the Australian version of the book. It has been subtly adjusted to account for the 2m UK Social Distancing requirement.)

When The World Went Inside

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  • I'm a 21cm square book and perfect for little hands